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Luv u

Clean, Pure & All Natural Products
Made with love for Babies to Adults

Image by Maddi Bazzocco

Clean, Pure & Natural Skin and Hair Care Products

  • Dye

  • Additive

  • Petroleum

  • Preservative

  • Paraben

  • Sulfate

  • Synthetic Oil

  • Filler

  • Artificial Fragrance

Why Choose Our Products

Our products are luxurious, but they’re not just for luxury – every product solves a problem. There are no fragrances in my product, besides the ones made by mother earth. The products are unisex for both men & women. Made from fresh edible oils, natural nut, seed & butters, as well as fruit & plant extracts & essential oils. One try will make you a believer… upon opening the jars & bottles you can SMELL the Difference FRESH & NATURAL Makes!

Luv u

Meet The Owner


As a loving wife and mother of four, I had a non-traditional holistic upbringing. My passion for natural hair and skincare products stemmed from my childhood. My mother owned a holistic body wrap and massage business. Being around Mom’s business, at an early age, exposed me to a natural way of healing the body, using essential oil blends.

My mother would make blends to heal various ailments that plague the body. She had a holistic approach. Mom blended recipes that ranged from aiding in the elimination of fatty deposits to preventing headaches. She inspired me so much that, as a teenager, I would rub spike lavender on my forehead rather than taking Tylenol for a headache.

As an adult, I attempted to purchase the most “natural” (often expensive) items on the market, thinking that they would compare to the products my mother made, to no avail.

I have spent years studying essential oils, herbs, remedies, and plants.

I have composed the highest quality, most potent, and freshest blends to help you heal and nourish your hair & skin.

Luv U Hair & Skin is not only about the products. Luv U is about the lifestyle, the culture, and the experience of genuine engineering. I founded Luv U Hair and Skin in 2013, which consists of 100% natural handmade products from across the world. Enjoy the experience.


Wishing you peace and blessings,

Martina Goodman, Owner & Creator

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